Sunday, 1 July 2018

Mull Reflections from Rhona

Sometimes, the big is just too big and the small necessarily becomes a more focused line of enquiry.  The landscape of the west highlands seems too beautiful to directly provide material  for my work.  It is akin to visiting an exhibition of ones favourite painter and having to cover your face with your hands and look through gaps in your fingers to narrow the gaze to bearable proportions.  This was going through my mind when I returned to Iona where with some relief discovered a rubbish dump on the south cost and I had a good rummage around for rusty steel fragments.  A sense of the intrinsically messiness of life makes me feel more part of the human race.   I have been sifting through the metal back in my studio and wondering why on earth I lugged them back...I think it is the act of collecting rather than the objects themselves that is the more absorbing.

This sense of looking through cracks is a tool for understanding.  A view described by boundaries or a passing view occluded by foreground features.  This continues to inform my current work together with the idea of linking together collections of thoughts, ideas and objects.  Here is a little collection of tenuous smudgy rubbings from the quarry rocks.

Monday, 11 June 2018

David's tools

Word Games

Window Stout Whale Pencil Navigation Chemistry Conkers Lassie Clockwork-MousecMidge Ant Minke-Whale Swordfish Puffin Island Goat-suasgae Small-batch Beer Monarch-of-the-Glen Haggis The-Periodic-Table Small-batch(again) Beach Elements Fionnphort Stone Seaweed Parallelogram Water Puffin(again) Sheep Mast Seeweed Word Swimming-hats Rust John-Faithfull Seal Seaweed (again)

 Evening games include the compulsive card game 'President' (co David A) where the plebs battle for supremacy against all the odds and with absolutely no chance of success.
Other games include 'Spoons', 'S.head', 'Backgammon', 'Racing Demon' and various word games, co Calum and Imi.

Sunday, 10 June 2018


The artists use local clay from Joan Faithfull's studio to make various effigies and forms.


Calum takes his finished walked  canvas to the quarry.

Departing Tormore

The artists head off - Jon heads off back to Lewis and David heads for Edinburgh via Oban and the local distillery there.

Friday BBQ

Final bbq on Tormore beach with local guests Jane and Sandy Brunton and local yoga instructor Zoe from Fionnphort. Great cake too from Jane with (w)ORD icing!
Mammoth boules on beach, Jon wins opening event with final showdown between Calum and Scottsh David.
Great bbq from tonight's master chef for the night Norwegian David.
Evening rounded off around the fire with Calum's extraordinary seven minute Turtle Tale/joke.

Mull Reflections from Rhona

Sometimes, the big is just too big and the small necessarily becomes a more focused line of enquiry.   The landscape of the west highlands ...